13 Mussoorie: A Gripping Murder Mystery Against a Picturesque Backdrop

India is one of the fastest growing internet markets, which explains why both global and national digital streaming platforms are so keen to penetrate this market. One of the premium streaming platforms, Viu India, states that nearly 70% of its content is available for free. It attracted 20.3 million active monthly users in 2018, says an article on Television Post.

If you are planning to start with a new web series anytime soon, consider watching 13 Mussoorie on Viu. This murder mystery, released on October 12, 2018, is a fantastic watch with great cinematography and an exciting storyline.

13 Mussoorie
A Viu India original, the web series 13 Mussoorie is a murder mystery set in the beautiful city of Mussoorie. The story is about a merciless serial killer, AKS, and the entire city is eager to know who this man really is. Produced by Viu and co-produced by Bodhi Tree, this series is sure to give you severe goose bumps with all the gruesome murder scenes and spine chilling sights of bloody corpses piling up!

Impressive Storyline
This Hindi thriller web series revolves around Aditi Bisht, daughter of a senior police officer, Ajay Bisht, and the wife of Rishi Pant, another reputed cop. Aditi was leading a happy life in her own world till one day an unknown man tells her about AKS, the serial killer who had terrorized Mussoorie with his series of murders.

Aditi learns that her late father had been investigating the murder case, but he was crippled after an accident and could not catch hold of AKS, who continued killing people mercilessly before disappearing for four years. The stranger tells Aditi that a waitress of a famous café has been murdered by a man who hid his identity and followed the same techniques of murder as that of AKS. All the signs prove that AKS is back, but Aditi believes that the current killer is a copycat, since she has already discovered a few truths about the original killer.

There’s a major plot twist when the audience discovers that the unknown man who led Aditi to the murder was none other than the fake killer himself. He keeps challenging Aditi to catch him until, in the end he, targets Rishi as his next victim.

Director Abhijeet Das does a brilliant work of portraying a small town backdrop for thrillers, which is always intriguing and mysterious. The series has no clichéd scenes, is fast paced enough to keep you on the edge of your seat and hardly ever lags through the entire storyline.

Aditi tries her best to hunt down the murderer but fails at every point. She suspects a few people – a café owner Freddy Fernandes who has strange interests, a drug addict, an over anxious and mentally unstable football player, Naman Joshi, and a few more.

Other Elements of the Plot
What makes this suspense web series stand out is that apart from the thriller aspect, there are other sides to the story too. A beautiful father daughter relationship adds an emotional touch and also highlights how in a quest to get hold of the murderer and save her loved ones, Aditi discovers new sides to her own character.

The storyline has been executed sharply and takes intriguing turns very frequently, leaving quite a long lasting impact. The suspense before each murder scene has been build up carefully so that the audience can reach a terrific climax. If you are a crime enthusiast, this web series is sure to keep you hooked till the end, given the spectacular murder sequences and killing spree scenes that will keep you thinking long after the show is over.

Lead actress Shriya Pilgaonkar, in an interview, said that there are not many thrillers on serial killers on the internet. She has grown up reading a lot of detective stories a and was happy to be a part of 13 Mussoorie, where she herself unfolds a mystery.

The trailer leaves a lot of questions on the viewers’ mind. Will Aditi be able to catch the killer ultimately? Will there be irreparable losses along the entire journey? For how long will she hide a few things from her husband and the people of Mussoorie?

Impressive performances by all the actors, along with mind blowing direction and screenplay, successfully holds the interest of the audience till the last scene.

Star Cast: Shriya Pilgaonkar as Aditi Bisht, Viraf Patel as Rishi Pant, Naveed Aslam as Ajay Bisht, Mir Sarwar as Girish Rawat, Jay Bodas as Freddy Fernandes, Ashwini Koul as Naman Joshi.

All said and done, 13 Mussoorie is definitely a must watch movie and is easily available on online on Viu. Viewa great watch for anyone who has a good appetite for crime series and others who want to try out the thriller genre.

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