Gambling in Malaysia- A List of Top Online Casino Malaysia            

Malaysia is a predominantly Muslim country located in Asia.  Although it has strict rules against gambling and nearly all forms of gambling are considered completely illegal in the country, still Gamblers have found their way out of it by the mode of online gambling.

Therefore, online gaming in Malaysia is experiencing a huge exponential growth.

As a result, the number of online gambling sites hasreached up to a significant amount, opening a lot of options for the Gamblers of Malaysia.

List of top online casino Malaysia   

Are you a Malaysian Gambler but don’t know which website to visit in order to find the top online Casino Malaysia?  Do you love playing Casino games?  To make your online gambling experienceeasier and more fun, we have brought to you a list of the top online Casino Malaysia.

  1. Newtown Casino

Newtown Casino is considered as the top online Casino Malaysia.  It is the most trusted worldwide network of Malaysian Gamblers.  It offers a huge variety of online Casino games and gives the players an excellent gaming experience.

  1. 12WinAsia Live Casino

12WinAsia Live Casino makes you experience the best onlinegaming andgambling by connecting you to worldwide Gamblers and players through the live user network. Whether you love to play Baccarat, Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, or any other card game, they offer you a chance to play the live casino version of that game.

  1. S8Star Casino

The extremely reliable software and Rock-solid financial background of S8Star Casino makesgambling a larger than life experience for you. Undoubtedly, itis included in the list of top online casino Malaysia.

  1. Hfive5

If you love to play online live Casino, 918KISS, slot games, and 4D lottery, then Hfive5 is a must visit website to give you the best of online Casino.

  1. QQclubs

QQclubs is a live online Casino that focuses on live dealer games.

  1. Euwins

Euwins provides a great platform for the Malaysian Gamblers to engage in sports betting and online Casino.

  1. RoyalEmpire

If you are a table game lover and love to engage in online Casino and slot games, then Royal Empire is the perfect destination for you. It gives you a wide variety of these games and engages you quite efficiently in online gambling.

  1. iBet

iBET is another top online casino Malaysia website that mainly focuses on providing The Gamers and users a great quantity of online Casino games including e-Sports, online sports betting, Poker as well as chances to win more money and 4D lottery.


This was the list ofour most recommended top online casino Malaysia by the experts and master Gamblers in Malaysia.  But apart from the above mentioned top online casino Malaysia, you can also try online Casino from your smartphone device without having to download any kind of app. You can simply login to a large number of sites that provide live online Casino and other related games like 918KISS, slot games, 4D lottery, live dealer games, table games and much more. Happy gambling!

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