How to become an anime animator


Anime is a style of artwork that originated in Japan and has become increasingly popular in the West. It has a certain uniqueness to it that separates it from other kinds of animations, especially the ones common in the West. Full-motion cartoons in video and television are covered in anime. You can tell anime by the world the characters inhabit, visual styling of the characters, movement, and clothing of the characters among others. To be an anime animator, you will have to start familiarizing yourself with the unique style of cartoons created in this style of animation.

Study your art

If you want to become an anime animator, it is important that you spend some time studying the various styles and types of anime in existence today. Different studios and artists usually produce anime artwork that is slightly different and unique to their own style. You will need to study movements and cadence that are associated with Japanese animation so that you can create animation that can actually be classified as anime.

In anime, there are certain themes that are brought out very strongly. For instance, anime is very big on spiritualism and the fact that characters make mistakes and learn from their mistakes. Another very common theme is that of things always having an end. That there is nothing that can go on and on and on without coming to an end. The end is inevitable.

Build a portfolio

So, how about you build a portfolio that we can know you by? You want to make your portfolio as comprehensive as possible and unique in its own right as well. Anime often looks derivative when you watch the many series and episodes created. You need to look at the various materials you are exposed to and understand how it works before you introduce your own style to make it unique and original.

While you are still trying to make a name for yourself, you will need to create content and then post it to various social media outlets so that people can see it and recognize your talent. This way, you attract possible employers.

Utilizing art school

Yeah, that had to happen. You just have to enroll in an art school if you want to be better at anime. I understand that there are people who are naturally talented that they don’t need formal education in order to become great animators. However, when you attend formal education, there are certain skills you pick up that can’t be learned naturally without school. Formal education literally takes your art to the next level. You will get a chance to ask your tutors questions that will improve your overall work. Interaction with other students at the school also helps to grow your talent because you learn from each other.

Nontonanime is a great place to learn how anime is created and how it should sound, look, and feel. There are thousands of anime videos of this site for your consumption so that you can take your creation to the next level.

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