“Stargirl”: Four Villains Who Made an Appearance in Season 1 of the Hit Live-action Superhero Series

As part of its fight to keep up with Marvel’s soaring popularity, DC has rolled out numerous films and television shows. One of its latest live-action offerings, “Stargirl,” created by executive producer Geoff Johns, was well-received, enough so that it was renewed for a second season. Season 1 of the series ended with a 7.3 rating from IMDb. Besides its titular heroine and her friends, “Stargirl” of course also features several villains.

1. Shiv

Played by Meg DeLacy, this villainess is a peer of Courtney Whitmore, the show’s star, and the daughter of another of its villains, the Dragon King. In her normal life, she is Cindy Burman, the queen bee and cheerleading captain at the girls’ high school, Blue Valley High. Among her arsenal, she lays claim to a dragon-headed staff that shoots flames and a special suit of armor. Physically, she is in peak condition, with considerable athletic ability and martial arts training. She also boasts rapid regeneration and retractable wrist daggers courtesy of genetic manipulation, as well as enhanced agility and strength. She played an especially important role in a two-part episode titled “Shiv” after her. While she is the quintessential mean girl, she is also shown to be intelligent and motivated by a desire for her father’s love and regard.

2. Brain Wave

Henry King Sr., a.k.a. Brainwave, is a neurosurgeon and founding member of the Injustice Society of America played by actor Christopher James Baker. He is the father of Henry King Jr., another contemporary of Courtney Whitmore who inherited his father’s abilities and chose to become a hero instead. He possesses immense mental powers (the result of dangerous self-experimentation), including telepathy, (which allows him to manipulate minds and inflict neurological agony on others among other things), telekinesis, power augmentation and force field generation. His initiation into the life of a malefactor began before the show when he began murdering to relieve the migraines that were a side effect of his powers.

3. Icicle

Known as the businessman Jordan Mahkent in his civilian life, Neil Jackson’s character is the leader of the ISA. He is cryokinetic, capable of producing icy attacks and even transforming his body. In the original comics, his name was Joar Mahkent instead. His goal is a seemingly idealistic one, to improve the world, but his plan for achieving it, a project that would force people to conform to his beliefs by altering their minds, is less benevolent.

4. Dragon King

As mentioned earlier, the Dragon King is the father of Shiv/Cindy Burman, who he experimented extensively on. Dr. Shiro Ito (his real name) is a scientist, doctor and ally of the ISA. His projects led to widespread plagues and deaths, for which he was sentenced to death, though he survived the execution attempt. He displays little care for ethics or his child. Experimentation on his own body led to him having longevity, reptilian physiology, advanced healing and above-average strength. He is also a genius and advanced swordsman who wields a katana.

These are the major antagonists of Season 1, but far from the only obstacles in Stargirl’s way. Others from the comics are expected to show up in Season 2, with actors already cast for Eclipso and Shade.

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