Top 7 Indian places to experience the Holi-Festival of Colours

Holi, known as many names like a festival of colors, Dhulandi, or Rangwali Holi–is widely celebrated across the country.However, interestingly every place brings its own color of traditions in the Holi celebration. Whether you are dreaming of Bollywood Holi filled with music, dance, and colors, or more interested in Holi traditions, these places in India will fill your Holi this year with colors of thrill and joy.

  1. Lathmar Holi, Barsana

Popular across the country for its unique ritual, Lathamar Holi is a celebration in Barsana, Mathura, popularly known as the birthplace of Goddess Radha rani. Lath mar Holi is unique in a sense as women chase men and hit with sticks to show off their power and equality.

  1. Traditional Holi, Vrindavan

Banke Bihari temple of Vrindavan is renowned for the traditional Holi celebration in India. For people who wish for the Holi celebration to go on more than a day, Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh is a perfect place to be as people there celebrate Holi for more than 10 days!

  1. Heritage Holi, Hampi

The heritage monuments of Hampiare masked in colors on the day of Holi. The festival of colors in Hampiis celebrated for 2 days in its unique way with splashing colors dancing to the drum beats.

  1. Cultural Holi, Shantiniketan

Indian festivals are nothing without traditions. And the natives of Shanti niketan, a district in West Bengal follow special Holi traditions. Here the festival is celebrated as Basant Utsav with the villagers taking part inthe folk festival with Chau dance and DarbariJhumu.

  1. Royal Holi, Udaipur

Udaipur is a place-to-be for an unforgettable Holi experience with your friends and family. Join in for a royal palace procession with bedecked horses and royal band from Udaipur royal residence to the City Palace. Later the traditional sacred fire is lit, which is also known as HolikaDahan.

  1. Community Holi with Slum Children, Mumbai

Dharavi, Mumbai’s largest slum, goes against its perception of being a depressing place, especially on the day of Holi. Many tours and Travel companies organize a safer, friendly, and fascinating experience of celebrating Holi with the locals at Dharavi filled with colors and music.

  1. Musical Holi, Delhi

India’s capital hosting Holi Moo Festival with more than 40 Indian and International artists performing every year, Holi tends to be a rowdy musical affair in Delhi. This festival of color is full of excitement and celebrated in a safe environment with natural colors. And if the natives masking you in color aren’t enough, the street food and delicious Holi recipes certainly get everyone in the mood of Holi party and celebration.

Holi, though differently celebrated in every state, is celebrated with equal excitement across the country. Whether you choose to go royal, musical, or celebrate real Holi with slum children be assured that you will find the same zest of joy and colors everywhere on the day of Holi.

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