4 of the best corporate function ideas that organizations can use


You would always tend to hear this at one point in your life, “Corporate life sucks!” While this is true in most instances, there are ways through which people can improve this routine. Dressing up early morning and going to the same office daily, sitting on the same desk, can turn out to be tiresome.

If you are starting to witness some employee stress or lack of motivation in the office, then it is an indication to change the drill. Step out of the daily monotonous routine and try out something new and innovative. Plan a corporate function outside the office, where the employees can go out and enjoy. They will get to know each other more, on a personal level. You can get the best corporate function ideas in Melbourne by visiting our website.

How to plan?

Once you have planned an outing, now you need to decide planning for it. You cannot just go out with your team and sit on a park. Instead, you need to think of such activities that can bond the entire group together. The aim is to get the employees out of their routine and let them enjoy a day staying tension free.

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunt is one of the best activities to make the employees learn about how they should work in teams. Assign a group of people to organize the game and then divide the employees into small groups. You can include interesting hints and challenges and assign the teams to find the clues. Make sure to add a gift prize at the end for the winner. This would make it more competitive and exciting.

Cooking competition

Everyone loves food. And there is no way to add spice to this than by making the employees working together to pull off a dish. Assign each team a group lead who enjoys cooking or has some experience in this field. You can make it more exciting by making a standard ingredient that each team must use in their dish. This might turn into a disaster, but it will be a fun activity to enjoy.

Two truths and a lie

Now some people might say that it is a rather foolish game that they used to play when they were children. While this is true, there is no hiding the fact that this activity is a perfect ice breaker! The game is fairly simple. Each person has to come to the center stage and say 3 statements about themselves. The other people have to guess which of the statements are true and which one is a lie. It is a nice way to learn more about the people in the group.


There is no better way to break the ice than by having a singing competition. No matter how bad a singer you are, each person will come up to sing a song as a Karaoke competition. Make sure everyone is dressed up in a funky way to make it rather interesting. You can also add a small prize at the end to make it more interesting.

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