Music and Mental Health

Music has a lot of advantages on the human body. Playing any instrument improves your physical since various instruments has its own benefits. For example, playing drums helps you keep fit since a drumming session burns a lot of calories.

But does music have any positive effect on our mental health or it just improves our physical health? Music definitely has tremendous positive effects on our mental health. Let’s discuss how music fosters positive mental health.

Listening to music is calming in its own way. Whenever you feel stressed you switch on your favourite play list and it alleviates your mood. It is also a mood setter, listening to sad songs makes you feel emotional, and listening to party songs makes you feel all energetic.

One of the most publicized mental influence of music is the ‘Mozart Effect’. Research showed that listening to Mozart’s music can induce short term improvement on the performance of certain kinds of mental tasks. Researchers suggest that listening to music helps organize the firing of nerve cells in the right half of cerebral cortex, this is the part of the brain which is responsible for higher level functioning. Music acts an exercise which warms up the brain cells.

Music has enabled people to express their feelings and emotions. They communicate through music and send their message. It is also an agency for the majority, since they can use it is their self-expression. Researches from across the globe has repeatedly proven that music produces a relaxing effect which can alter heart rates and blood pressure. People use music for even pain management.

Learning to play music improves memory, since you have to perform by recalling from your memory. It also improves eye-hand coordination as you have to read notes and play at the same time. That is why music lessons are becoming famous more and more. Parents today want to enrol their kid into some kind of music lesson for their development. Even schools have mandatory music periods. It is especially beneficial for children since it fosters cognitive development and is a great extra-curricular activity.

Music is a source of entertainment and contentment. It can help you relax your brain or even vent out your emotions. Different kinds of music have different effects on our brain. It influences your thoughts, emotions and mood. It can help you cope from stress, anxiety and boost your psychological well-being. In fact, some people believe that your taste in music can provide an insight into different aspects of your personality.

So, music definitely has a lot of positive effects on our mental health. It influences all most every part of our well-being.If you ever feel stressed or exhausted just play your favourite tune and relax, and if you need a safe space where you can express yourself, then you should definitely join a music lesson. It won’t only help you relax but also give you a break from the monotony of life.

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